I personally want to thank everyone who supported and voted for me. I appreciate each and everyone of you! You can always count on me!
Thank you, Katie P.




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A Hempfield woman said Friday she wants to run the courthouse office where she has worked for the last 15 years.

Katie Pecarchik, 50, announced she will be a candidate for Register of Wills, the office that oversees estates, wills, adoptions records and marriage licenses. She serves as a deputy clerk in the office.

Pecarchik, a Democrat, is seeking to replace her boss, Republican Sherry Magretti Hamilton, who is expected to seek a second term in office.

“If elected, I pledge to be a full time Register of Wills. I will be in the office during working hours to make sure that any questions or help will be given in a timely manner. My door will always be open, and I will encourage new ideas, making the office more efficient and more user-friendly,” Pecarchik said. “I will also work with the staff to make sure that everyone coming to the office receives the highest quality of customer service.” (VIEW LINK BELOW)

Rich Cholodofsky is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Rich at 724-830-6293 or rcholodofsky@tribweb.com 




Hello, my name is Katie Pecarchik

   I am seeking the candidacy of The Westmoreland County Register of Wills.

   For over 16 years, I have been working as a full time Deputy Clerk, in the Register of Wills Office. I also have been working as a Notary Public, for my family’s business  for over 30 years.

   There is no other candidate, that has acquired more experience, or that is more qualified, for the elected position, of the Register of Wills.

    I have worked with the Public, Attorneys, Judges, and their staff, Court Administrators, Children's Bureau, Area on Aging, Title Searchers, PA Department of Revenue, office co-workers, as well as fellow co-workers in the Courthouse.

    During my 16 years of working in the Office, I have personally processed thousands of documents, including Estate Probates, Adoptions, Orphan's Court Petitions, Inheritance Tax, Guardianship and Minor's Claims, and Marriage Licenses.

    I am proficient in our Office’s computer and filing systems, including maintaining daily and monthly reports and bank statements.                

    I have also acquired a thorough knowledge of the PA Laws regarding Orphan’s Court and Estate Proceedings. I am qualified, to perform all the duties that are necessary to be the Register of Wills.

    During my 16 years of working in the Office, I have worked directly with the Public and Professionals. This daily one on one interaction, allowed me to gain the knowledge and experience needed to run the Register of Wills Office.

    Row Officers, such as The Register of Wills, are not required to be present, at the Office every day. If elected, I pledge to be a full time Register of Wills. I will be in the Office, during working hours, to make sure that any questions or help, will be given in a timely manner. My door will always be open, and I will encourage new ideas, making the Office more efficient, and more user-friendly. I will also work with the staff, to make sure that everyone coming to the Office, receives the highest quality of customer service.

   I have carried out my duties to the highest standard and accuracy, and I am looking forward to working with everyone, to make the Register of Wills Office the best that it can be.

   At some time in your lifetime, you or your family, will need the assistance of The Westmoreland County Register of Wills.
















   Celebrating in New Florence, at their Sesquicentennial Festival!














         Met some new friends, in New Kensington today!






















         What a great crowd for the Export Street Fair!




         Always fun to be at the Westmoreland County Fair!





















I enjoyed meeting nice people and great gyros, at the St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church Greek Festival, in Monessen!










Great night at the St. Margaret Mary Church Festival of Friendship, in Lower Burrell!






















Quality of Life Services Motorcycle Rally in Apollo, benefits our Senior Citizens! Never too old to ride on a motorcycle!














                     Taco Night at North Irwin V. F. C.!

















Today at the St. Florian Parish Festival, I won homemade beets, pickles, and another lucky dog!




























Vandergrift Italian Festival! I had a nice time seeing everyone and    enjoying the excellent food!






















                     Slickville's Centennial Celebration!












  Cars and BBQ at the East Huntingdon Volunteer Fire Company!












   Had a great time with friends on Saturday, at the Democratic      Picnic!





















       Great turn out for Night Out at Northmoreland Park!












National Night Out in Penn Twp.! It was nice meeting another one of my facebook friends in person!












Had a great time, at the St. John the Evangelist Church Festival in Latrobe! I really enjoyed the festival and the beautiful flower garden!






















At my husband's hometown today, at the Epiphany of our Lord Church Festival in Monessen! We had a great time!













I had a great time seeing friends, at Cedar Creek Fun Fest! I also enjoyed the food and craft vendors!























Another great festival last night, at the Mother of Sorrow Church, in Murrysville! I even won other lucky dog!






















Enjoyed meeting people last night, at the St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church Festival, in North Huntingdon Township!



























Enjoyed the people and great food, at the Mount St. Peter Parish Italian Festival!





















Waterford V.F.D. Annual Carnival First Responders Night! Thank you First Responders, for all that you do for everyone!














                       Nice crowd at the Food Truck Night at Z&M !



             Stopped to say hello to friends, at P&M Pizza in Arnold!



             Stopped by the Concert in the Park, in Irwin!




























                St. Edward Parish Festival this evening!

















                             St. Pius X Church Festival this morning!











                   Lowber V.F.D. Fireman's Festival!



































    We had a great time at the Kecksburg V.F.D. UFO Festival!










  Great food, music, and people at the Four Seasons Brewing in     Latrobe!
















                             Redstone Highlands Market days in Irwin!



                          Stopped at Christopher's Pizza for dinner!



      Summer porch party  with my friends from Women of             Westmoreland!



       I enjoyed the Greensburg Night Market with the variety of          vendors!






























Great time last night, at the Circleville Fire Department Street Fair!





















              Great day for the Jeannette Car Show!













































I enjoyed meeting friends, and making new ones, at the Ligonier Farmer's Market!




















Truck pulling night at the Sewickley Township Community Fair! 





















Enjoyed meeting people tonight, at The Saint Bartholomew Festival!  I also got to play chuck a luck again!














































         I enjoyed meeting everyone at the Derry Agricultural Fair!

























                        Italian Festival at Ascension Church in Jeannette!





















I met alot of nice people today, at the American Legion Post 790 Smithton Street Fair!



















             St. Barbara's Church Festival this weekend!































Thank you Youngwood Volunteer Fire Department, for all that you do for the community! We had a great time at the fair, always happy to support the Firemen!




















Beautiful day for a car show at Bushy Run Park!






















We had a fun time this evening, being with everyone, at the Twin Lakes Park Arts and Heritage Festival!











                   Happy 4th of July from Latrobe!




Summer evening in St. Clair Park, listening to the great sound of the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra!













Nice seeing everyone today, while attending Rob Prah's Meet and Greet, at Persichetti's in Jeannette!

















Nice evening to enjoy Mount Pleasant Fireman's Parade and Carnival!














North Belle Vernon Community Bank Park Veterans Appreciation Day!































I enjoyed my afternoon at the Westmoreland County Humane Society Purse Bash. Nice seeing old friends, and meeting new ones!

























Region 2 Meeting tonight at the Wooden Door Winery in Vandergrift. Great place to take family and friends, for food and wine!































Had a great time at the St. Bruno Festival. I enjoyed meeting people, great food, and music!












Shuey Burger night!




Food Truck Night at Z&M tonight. Good food, good music, and nice people!




























Had a great day with everyone at Mammoth Fest!                                                                                                    




                                                                               Heat and humidity, doesn't stop me from door knocking! Thank you Southwest Greensburg, for your support!







Thank you to everyone, who made The Rally in the AK Valley, such a special event!






























Great time tonight, at St. Sebastian Parish in N. Belle Vernon!

















While out canvassing, stopped at Al's Newstand, to get my ticket!


























A special night to honor Harriet Ellenberger, WOW Woman of the Year. A dedicated woman, who has helped many people. Thank you Harriet, for all of your hard work!
















I want to thank my husband Matt, who is also my designer, my photographer, and my door knocker! Remember to Vote on May 21st!





























Door knocking and walking the hills in Fort Allen, Hempfield Twp.. Thank you for your support!



























Rain can't stop me from door knocking. Thank you my friends in Mt. Pleasant, for you support!













Thank you my friends from West Newton, I really appreciate your support! I love the bunny in the window!



Thank you District 6 Norwin Area Democrats. I appreciate all of the hard work that you do, for the Candidates of Westmoreland County! Katie P.


















On the campaign trail in Avonmore this evening!



While canvassing Murrysville, we met alot of nice people!














In Norvelt today, canvassing. Run Matt run!
















Had a great time at Jessica Rafferty Candidate for Judge Meet and Greet!






























Thank you my friends from Scottdale, for your support! Katie P.

















Attended W.O.W. Women of Westmoreland meet and greet for Amanda Green Hawkins, Candidate for Superior Court!













Had a great spaghetti dinner at the Jeannette American Legion, to benefit homebound and disabled Veterans. It was so good, I ate it all and forgot to take a picture of it!

















Mom and I attended Jeannette Business Association Ladies Day. Took our first selfie together! Thank you Mom, for all that you do for me!




I am honored the have the endorsement of the United Mine Workers of America. I will always look after the needs of the hard working Men and Women in the Workforce! Thank you Katie P.



Thank you my fellow Union Brothers and Sisters for your support. I am honored to have the endorsement of the The Greater Westmoreland County Labor Council! Katie P.













While door knocking in Hannastown tonight, I met a new friend, Annabelle.



      Thank you Murrysville-Export Democratic Club, for your           endorsement. I appreciate your support!



















Visited three great places. I appreciate your support! Thank you Katie P.











Women of Westmoreland (W.O.W.) meet the Candidates, Jessica Rafferty for Judge and Katie Pecarchik for Westmoreland County Register of Wills.











While in Mount Pleasant, we stopped for dinner at one of our favorite places, Leo's!




I want to thank my husband Matt, for all of the hard work that he does for me!


















Had a great time at the Westmoreland County Humane Society Cash Bash!


















Thank you Labor Council, for hosting a wonderful breakfast with the Candidates!

















Thank you Grapeville Firefighters for all that you do. Great fish fry on Friday!

















I am honored to have the support of the hardworking men and women of the Teamsters Local 30 Union!

















Had a nice day in Monessen today!













Got some great items today at the Norwin Democratic 4 N 1 Sale!




I appreciate having the opportunity to speak to the COMPAC Committee, about what the Register of Wills Office does for the Public.
















While in Jeannette this evening, I met my friend Carol Francese. Thank you Carol and all of my friends in Jeannette for your support!


















I enjoyed door knocking tonight, and meeting nice people. Thank you for your support!












Cash Bash for Greensburg Hose Company numbers 6 and 7. Great seeing some old friends, nice meeting new ones. Thank you Firefighters for keeping us safe!














Thank you Murrysville Export Democratic Club, for inviting the Candidates to speak. Great meeting!




Celebrating Jeannette American Legion's 100th Anniversary!











I met a new friend, at The Guest Bartender Night for the Westmoreland County Humane Society!











Great fish fry at Sacred Heart Church in Jeannette! Brings back lunch time memories, from when I went to school there 40 years ago.













Enjoyed the fish fry in Monessen!














I am a proud supporter of the Veterans. My Dad was an Army Veteran of the Korean War. The Latrobe American Legion had a wonderful spaghetti benefit dinner.

Thank you Veterans for your service to our country!


















Had a great time at the Purse Bash, supporting the Greensburg Salem Education Foundation and Hose Company No. 8. I even won a purse!

















I enjoyed meeting everyone in Southwest Greensburg, while door knocking. Thank you, I really appreciate your support!


















I'm glad to see a good turnout, for the Westmoreland County Parks and Trails Comedy Night!
























Had a wonderful evening at the Ted Kopas Campaign Kick-Off!
















Thank you Labor Council for Candidate Night!




Thank you Harriet Ellenberger, for making Region 4's meeting, such a special evening!




I enjoyed meeting everyone at Region 1. I also learned about the Corner in New Kensington very interesting place. I was very impressed.





                                           Thank you Region 2 for inviting me. Always a pleasure to see all of you!                    




I want to thank everyone that came out to support me tonight. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you my friends, for making my kick off night such as success! 




I have been a Deputy Clerk in the Register of Wills Office since 2003. I have the experience, and have personally helped thousands of people, that have needed the services of the Register of Wills Office. I look forward to continuing my work and doing the best job that I can!







If you want a sign to support me, call or text me. Thanks, Katie P.




Had a wonderful time, with friends, at the Ligonier Ice Festival!



Had a great meeting, with my friends, from W.O.W. (Women of Westmoreland) !



Had a great evening supporting guest bartenders for the American Cancer Society Event!



Lacey Campaigning!



Had a great time with the ladies, at Ladies Night at the Moose!